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Air Sir companyThrough providing the best cleaning equipment products, make the world a cleaner, not just bathroom but in any indoor facility, we hope to be able to achieve this idea.


Air SirResearch and development of new products based on the concept of good design, innovative idea, good quality. We will produce to create elegant, fresh and comfortable living environment.


At the beginning of 1995, Air SirResearch team developed Taiwan's first perfume of automation machines. This initiative leadAirSir Further achieve the goal of making the world cleaner.


Our research and development team continues to develop more efficient products each year. Not only that,Air SirAlso attract business leaders around the world, and establish a good working relationship with them. Ten years our company has been expanding in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas regional services. However,AirSir Spirit, reflected not only in the sense of design, reliability, satisfaction and maintain environmental ideals. We believe we can be positioned as a leader in the indoor brand of health, so as to reach the goal we refreshed the world record.


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