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What does the RED flashing light mean for the dispenser ?

It indicates the refill is low or battery power is low, Please check both &change as needed.



Can I install a Toilet model on a Urinal ?

Yes, both units are interchangeable and can installed on either a urinal or toilet fixture.





What model of the dispenser is for aerosol fragrance refill ?

AD-106 , AD-107, AD-108, AD-109 are all suitable for aerosol fragrance refill.


What model of the dispenser is for non-aerosol fragrance refill ?

AD-305 , AD-306 are all suitable for non-aerosol fragrance refill.

How does foam soap dispenser work ?

Filling one pack concentrate refill into the container then diluted with water.
That's all. It supplies foaming soap now.

Does the surface of fragrance dispenser may corroded by refill ?

No, the material of fragrance dispenser is P.P.(polypropylene) and never corroded by the refill except (semi) transparent window.

What type of battery should I use for the fragrance dispenser ?

We strong recommend choose alkaline battery for longer operation and stability.

Is it adjustable for the dosage of urinal sanitizer refill ?

Yes, there are three positions (Heavy , Midium, Light) on the collecting place for adjustment.



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